What is Bugging You?

In my life time I have watched Ward 5 grow from farm fields to what you
see today. It's still growing and has needs and maintenance. I would like
to see Ward 5 remain a residential family community. My service would be
to the people young and old to help build our community for what the
future may bring. I'm not opposed to bring to the table what is required
or needed for our community. I know it is important to do what it takes
and to have the people in the community be heard.
The Needs of Senior Citizens
I often hear a lot of comments from senior citizens about DATS, ETS Transit Service cost, and rising taxes on fixed incomes. DATS is a fantastic service that provides an avenue of transportation for seniors but its current time structure leaves many seniors with long return trips to their homes. We need to find a way to make them feel more comfortable using the service by expanding it. Getting to and from an ETS stop for seniors is a lot of effort and the current cost deters many from using the service. We need to decrease or eliminate the cost of bus passes for senior citizens. The most common question I have received is in regards to seniors on fixed incomes and the taxes constantly being raised. For many seniors who are still able want to stay in their homes there needs to be a freeze on the most at risk of losing that option.
I cannot help The Homeless without your help. I would need 100% of your backing on all decisions in order to permanently move forward. Money and all other assistance has to be shared, this is a three-way street, Edmonton, The Councillors (and Mayor), and The Homeless. If this combination fails I believe the chain is broken and the wheels only spin. Is homeless a revolving door? help one and another moves in? I believe as a city we need to start by accepting this as part of who we all are. One could become homeless oneself everybody should have some quality of life .
Pets in The Community
The number of dog owners is ever increasing with the rise in people getting pets as companions. Our current options have worked well up to this point but with the rise in ownership has brought about new issues. Most pressing would be the need to establish new areas for off-leash dog walking. The current off-leash areas at peak times all run into the issue of overcrowding leading to problems among dog owners and parking availability.
Residential Speed Limits
I agree with the lowering of speed limits in playgrounds and school areas, however, In regards to lowering the speed limit in residential areas I believe it should be a community by community decision made by the residents. There is enough stress driving to and from work without driving like your on a turtle.
Infill Housing
The current trend of infill housing is pitting neighbor against neighbor in long standing communities. A lot of residents are worried about the safety, aesthetic, and the traffic influx infill houses create. In order to stop the divide infill housing is creating between neighbors communities should have an open forum to discuss with their councillor their grievances.
Job Creation In Edmonton
We have the opportunity to achieve the economic changes the city needs. With the advancement of Technology in areas such as: transportation, trades, and manufacturing making our jobs more efficient the eventual push to automation will change the working landscape. We need to focus on the new design, maintenance, and servicing jobs the change in technology will demand on our city.