Walk The Talk

LRT Expansion

Rethink the plans as published for the Edmonton LRT expansion Consider using 107th or 111 avenues not Stoney Plain road for the western extension. Link this to a north south between St Albert and Edmonton International airport via WEM Wolf Willow and the west end of 23 rd Avenue areas.

LRT Connectivity

Lobby the City of Calgary and both other levels of government to coordinate and participate in linking the Calgary C train and Edmonton LRT systems via Red Deer downtown or Parkway .with stations at Edmonton International airport Leduc Red Deer and Calgary International Airports.

LRT Bridge

Construct new road or LRT bridges over the North Saskatchewan river at 50th street and the west end of 23rd Avenue.


Continue the program to eliminate major intersections with lights on the Yellowhead hwy 16 route.

Lunch Programs

Enhance the proposals in the Edmonton study on poverty and offer subsidized school lunch programs to all Public school students based upon attendance. Extend this to other schools if the Catholic school board wishes to participate.

Veteran Support

Establish a city run veterans support office where Veterans can be assisted in applying for and receiving benefits from the Federal Government. Work with Royal Canadian Legion in ensuring that local area veterans are not ignored or under-serviced by Canadian society at large.

Snow Removal & Flooding

Adopt a more aggressive action plan to snow removal and flood prevention. Snow is to be removed not just graded and pushed around the corner . The roads and alley ways of Edmonton are for traffic not snow storage. 

Stronger Comittees

Liaise with both other levels of Government and with cities towns villages and hamlets around Edmonton and discuss the setting up of and enhancement of resilience committees. Members of these committees would discuss disaster planning and response capabilities and critical infra structure protection.