I am running for city council because I want to serve the people. My wealth of experience in construction, building, and infrastructure can be applied to the direction Edmonton is going in as a developing city. One of my passions is to see the underutilized areas of The River Valley be more accessible for the general public, maximizing a resource we already have just makes sense. With our city constantly evolving and growing we need to create jobs and keep our younger generation in our workforce and move forward together.

Are ALL Edmontonians Ready For The Future?

No. Our economic reality has seen drastic changes in last decade and an open dialogue with our elected officials and communities needs to be communicated clearly. The City of Edmonton has a strong framework but it could be improved upon and by utilizing our top educational institutions. We have the opportunity to achieve the economic changes the city needs. With the advancement of Technology in areas such as: transportation, trades, and manufacturing making our jobs more efficient the eventual push to automation will change the working landscape. We need to focus on the new design, maintenance, and servicing jobs the change in technology will demand on our city.